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About the Owner


Hi Friends, my name is Ashley Powers.

I am the Owner & Founder of

The Powerful Co.

But of course just like many women in this generation, I have more than one job. I am also a wife of 1 & mother of 2, currently work full-time as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist in the state of Rhode Island and work part-time as a Wedding Officiant, because duh, who doesn't love going to weddings.


I would love to say I have always been a bright and kind spirit my entire life, but then I would be lying and friends don't lie to friends. I was the daughter of a man who suffered from alcohol abuse disorder, then a teenager who fell in love with a man who was verbally and physically abusive, then I grew into a woman that began to learn her power only to have that ripped away from me. Living through all

of these adventures in my life, I have learned how to find the positive in any situation and use my power to persevere. 



I have created this site & social media platforms to encourage other individuals to do the same. Use the power that is within you to do good within this world, whether that is through words you speak or words you wear.

And it is not until we come together as a community, that we can truly feel what we are capable of achieving.

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